IP-Lister detects an IP address by host name and vice versa
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IP-Lister is an application that may not be very interesting for ordinary home users because of its specific functions. But many professionals who work with computer networks will find it really useful. This utility is developed for detecting an IP address by host name and, vice versa, the host name behind any IP address. Host name is a unique name of any device that is connected to a network.

The program has a simple interface that consists of just one small window. All you need to do is simply enter an IP address or hostname and the program will give you the information you need. The analyzing process takes only a few minutes. if IP-Lister can’t find an IP-address for your hostname or vice versa, you will be informed about it with a corresponding message. The application also allows you to activate such options as to list all IPs or resolve aliases. IP-Lister is absolutely free, lightweight and doesn’t need a lot of system resources. It supports Windows 2000 and above Windows versions.

Ilya Barmenkov
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